Occupational Therapy Services
 Assisting adults to live life to their absolute potential....

Live Well OT specialise in...

  • Prescription of assistive aids including built up cutlery, shower stools, over toilet frames, gadgets to help get your socks on etc
  • Assessment of activities of daily living & recommendations for modification to enhance safety and independance, for example:
    • Meal preparation
    • Personal hygiene (showering/bathing)
  • Environment assessments and recommendations including:
    • Home
      • Ramps, step modifications & rails
      • Bathroom modifications
      • Kitchen modifications
    • Place of study/work
      • Ergonomics assessments and education
  • Wheelchair & Scooter assessment and training
  • Pressure Care assessment, equipment prescription & education
  • Carer education regarding manual handling (getting on/off chairs, in and out of the car, in/out of the shower), safe assistance with personal hygiene etc
  • Falls prevention assessment, recommendation and education
  • Cognitive assessment and intervention
  • Prescription of personal alert systems
  • Energy conservation and work simplification strategies for people with low energy/stamina for example those suffering airways disease, cardiac troubles, undergoing chemotherapy
  • The completion of assessment and intervention using TeleHealth methods of communication. 
Group education/training sessions are offered by Live Well OT –
please contact Alison to discuss further.

What to expect at the first session...

In order to optimally assist you, your client or loved one, the Occupational Therapist (OT) needs to get to know the individual and get a background of the task/s that they require assistance with. This involves getting information about the persons social situation (who do they live with, who helps), medical history, physical ability, how day to day tasks are being done currently as well as look at their environment. Even though you might feel there is only one task that you require assistance in, a brief discussion about most fascets of life is completed/recommended as there may be challenges that you didn't realise until brought up. A plan is developed based on what is important to them and what they want to achieve out of Occupational Therapy.

The initial assessment generally takes an hour. If follow-up appointments are required, these may be arranged at this initial appointment or when required.